he wanted to play bingo

The class was playing bingo.

It was French, and he didn’t know the words, but it didn’t matter. He knew the alphabet, so when she wrote the words on the board, he could visually match them to the ones on the playing card.

French had always been a very tough class for him, so he was excited to have some fun. He wanted to play Bingo.

Game cards were passed backwards along the rows. She counted out the exact number for each row, passed them to the front student who took one and passed them back until the last person got their game card.

He sat at the back of the class, separate. He did not get a game card.

He waved his arm in the air at her, certain she forgot him. He wanted to play Bingo.

She ignored him, began calling words for the game.

He called to her, arm in the air, waving more desperately. She did not look at him, gestured to his aid, continued with the game.

His aid brought him blank paper and some crayons to draw.

He threw them on the floor. He wanted to play Bingo.

He waved his hand in the air for the remainder of the class. He wanted to play Bingo.

Nobody responded.

After class, she went to the administration and requested he not be allowed to return to French class due to his poor behaviour.

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