leaping baby

Baby D is in a leap. What’s a leap you say? Don’t worry I didn’t know either. This is something new that’s happened since I had my last baby a mere 15 years ago. (I know, right? I’m so surprised things changed in that time, too!) The terms ‘leap’ comes from an awesome new-to-me book called The Wonder Weeks, which could probably be the closest thing to a baby instructional manual that you can get. According to the authorA leap in the mental development of your baby means that suddenly there are many changes in his/her head. Suddenly, his/her brain perceives things it wasn’t capable of perceiving before. This change is so great that her entire world suddenly looks different.

D is in his second leap. I didn’t write about the first one because I was too busy nursing him 24 hours a day and wondering what it might feel like to sleep.

But this second leap is pretty cool. Here’s some of the new things I’m noticing D do:

  • He reacts to things in his environment more. He now notices when the TV is on, or when it gets louder all of a sudden.
  • He startles more frequently and sometimes more intensely. Suddenly being put on the change table is scary. So are unexpected movements of things around him.
  • He has a new cry. Up until now I wouldn’t even say he cried, he would just call out when he needed food or was uncomfortable. Now he has a cry that I can only define as ‘I am unhappy.’ Possibly bored?
  • He wants to sleep in a quiet place. I actually enjoyed having a baby who didn’t notice if things were loud or bright and could sleep anywhere. No more. However the upside is that baby D now signals when he wants to be laid down in his bassinet at night and sleep by himself for roughly 4 hours. If we are out, I need to cover the carseat for him to stay asleep.

All of these changes are fascinating to me, more so than growth spurts or physical development. I feel like my baby is being born anew, into a richer world of new sensations. Welcome to it, little one, it’s glorious.

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