The things

Some things I can’t write about. Because how do you find the words to describe what it’s like to lie awake with a newborn, feeding, changing, patting, singing, cooing, vigilantly watching? To know that you are the most important thing in this creature’s existence, you are their all, their everything? How do you describe the […]

too big

Some days, I find comfort in words. Choosing them, arranging them, seeing how they reflect what’s going on inside my brain. Often, I find myself writing something one day and reading it another day and asking myself who on earth wrote that? Because I’m not eloquent. I don’t choose words that carefully. It couldn’t be […]

Penicillin vs Erythromycin

Consider the following statement: ‘Penicillin has been scientifically proven to be better than Erythromycin in most cases. Approximately 3% of the population is unable to take Penicillin, although many people believe that they cannot. There are many risks associated with taking Erythromycin. People who choose Erythromycin over Penicillin need to be fully aware of the […]

this is an epic puke post

A week ago a tore my calf muscle while walking into my house.

For the sake of drama and excitement and just plan lack-of-suck I wish I could tell you I tore my calf muscle while rock climbing or chasing down a purse snatcher or something, but no, I tore it walking from my car to my house.


Around my ‘tween years, my dad became involved in the planning, building, and birth of a housing co-op. I spent summers here until I was 11, when my sister and I moved in with him full time. My dad was an aging hippy, and many of the other co-op board members were too. The co-op was filled with an eclectic mix of creative types: musicians, artists, photographers, crusaders. There was drama, and at times it was a bit too close-knit of a community, but for the most part, it was a pretty cool place to live.